United Heavy Machinery Plants is the leading Russian manufacturer of mining equipment for open-pit production of solid commercial minerals, including electrically powered crawler excavators, walking excavators, drilling machines, and crushing equipment.

United Heavy Machinery Plants performs the full cycle of production for excavators, drilling machines, and crushing equipment, from development of design documentation to on-site assembly and servicing.

This business line is represented by IZ-KARTEX n.a. P.G. KOROBKOV.


IZ-KARTEX was formed in 1991 based on the excavator production of Izhorskiye Zavody.

The main specialization of IZ-KARTEX is engineering, production, sale, and servicing of electrically powered mining excavators used for open-cut mining.

IZ-KARTEX is Russia's and CIS countries' largest manufacturer and supplier of electrically powered mining excavators with bucket capacities of over 8 m3. Excavators have been manufactured since 1957. Over the past 10 years, more than 300 excavators and 20 drilling machines have been manufactured and delivered to domestic and foreign markets.

The company chose a strategy of producing standardized excavators that allow for a customer to optionally install either a rack-and-pinion or cabled racking gear, with overall standardization of up to 80%.

The company also produces spare parts for mining equipment, rolling cutter shothole drills, metal structures and equipment for mining and processing, power generation, metallurgy and general machine-building.

The company supplies mining equipment to mining companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, India, Vietnam, and other countries.

Licenses and certificates:

  • Certificate of conformity for electric mining excavators and rotary drilling rigs issued by the lifting-and handling equipment certification agency ZAO PATTE
  • Quality management system certificate GOST-R ISO 9001:2008 from the Test-St. Petersburg Center
  • More than 30 patents and copyright certificates