ŠKODA JS a.s. Successfully Finished the Production

In the reactor hall of ŠKODA JS a.s., a member of the Russian OMZ Group, a trial assembly of the EPR nuclear reactor internal parts for Unit 1, Taishan NPP, China, was finished two months before the due date. The ŠKODA JS a.s. company has thus proven its high technological level and readiness for the implementation of significant projects in the field of nuclear equipment construction.

Miroslav Fiala, the chairman of the board of directors and general director of ŠKODA JS a.s., said the following on this occasion: “I have been assured once again that our employees have the required capabilities and knowledge needed for the construction of new nuclear units both in the Czech Republic and abroad. For the company, this project has become an example of its capabilities both in production as well as in management and engineering.”

The internal parts for the type EPR nuclear reactor were produced for the first time by ŠKODA JS for the Finnish Olkiluoto NPP, Unit 3 in 2010.

An order for the second set of EPR reactor internal parts was placed with ŠKODA JS company in May of 2009. In compliance with contract terms, the equipment delivery date was defined as the second half of May 2012. Based on the customer’s proposal and a careful analysis of all production activities and ŠKODA JS’ site capacity, however, the delivery date was reduced by two months.

The share of exports on company’s total revenues has been constantly increasing, which attests to the confidence of significant foreign partners in the reliability of the supplied equipment as well as in the abilities of ŠKODA JS to deliver the equipment in time and at competitive prices.

Due to successful projects implemented in Slovakia, in the whole East and Central European region, and in Asian markets, the ŠKODA JS company generates profit and fulfils all schedule indices as directed by the Russian engineering OMZ Group, being the only shareholder of ŠKODA JS a.s. since 2004.


Information: Important projects implemented by ŠKODA JS a.s. company in the past period

Mochovce NPP

  • Completion of Mochovce NPP, Units 3 and 4, in Slovakia is a major investment engineering project (value 400 mil. Euro approx.)
  • ŠKODA JS provides delivery of the power plant's essential systems       – primary circuit, and fuel management. At the end of 2011, the reactor pressure vessel was installed into the concrete pit.

East and Central Europe

  • In this region, the ŠKODA JS company is a stable supplier for VVER and RBMK types of units.
  • In 2011, the company  supplied control rod drives for four units in the Hungarian Paks NPP (type VVER 440 with a designed service life extended to 25 years).
  • Modernized linear step drives type LKP-M were supplied to Ukraine the for Khmelnitzki and Zaporozhe NPPs (type VVER 1000).
  • Production of spent fuel compact storage racks has continued (Zaporozhe NPP, Unit 1 and 2, Ukraine).

Western Europe

  • ŠKODA JS designed a spent fuel transfer facility for a newly constructed Unit 3 of the French Flamanville NPP. The ŠKODA JS team started the installation of the equipment on site in France. This is certainly a unique event, since the French market has been closed for foreign companies in this field until now.

East Asia

  • In 2011, the ŠKODA JS company established direct cooperation with Tianwan NPP in China. This is a type VVER nuclear power plant, very similar to the project being prepared for the Temelin NPP construction. 
  • The ŠKODA JS service team was successful in Taiwan, where a stud tensioner was activated for the reactor main flange connection at Lungmen NPP. This equipment was supplied by ŠKODA JS 10 years ago and stored in extreme climatic conditions due to the construction delay.

ŠKODA JS a.s. was at the birth of Czech and Slovak nuclear power industry, is one of the leading engineering and production companies with worldwide experience in construction and service of nuclear power plants. Company Škoda was established in 1859 and the origins of its activities in nuclear power industry fall in 1956. Throughout the period of its existence, the company has supplied engineering, equipment and service for nuclear power plants, research reactors and spent fuel storage facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, France, Germany, USA and the Far East. ŠKODA JS a.s. is as part of OMZ Group.